About our classes

We use technology to provide a uniquely interactive experience to our students at a very reasonable cost. We believe this is the future.


Students participate in live broadcast classes through IRC and our Mumble room.  Guests participate via Skype or phone.

Learning Management System

Our LMS allows the student to test their knowledge before proceeding to the next topic.

Our Class Offerings

We currently offer three classes focusing on different but related technology.  The first is our Intro to Robotics class which uses EZ-Robot products to educate students on the fundamentals of robotics.  The second class that we offer is Intro to Programming which will walk students through concepts that can be taken to any programming platform.  The third class is about technology, where the host will discuss many topics and how they affect the lives of students.

Introduction to Robotics

The field of robotics is expanding quickly.  We believe that this field will have drastic impacts on our society in the coming years. It is important that students fundamentally understand this technology.

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Introduction to Programming

By learning to program, the student will drastically increase their understanding of technology and how they can use this knowledge to shape their world. Having a basic knowledge of programming will better equip students for future endeavors.

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Additional Information

Technology Today covers a wide range of topics and is a weekly free interactive video podcast.

Help support us at our Patreon page. Even a $5.00 donation per month goes a long way to getting more shows started up.

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Come by and see us at the 2017 OCHEC Convention in Oklahoma City on May 5th and 6th. We will be in booths J-2 through J-4.

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More classes will be available next year including Intermediate Programming and Intermediate Robotics.

>> 4 Year Program in Robotics